Our Care

St. Joseph’s Home is a full-service residence.

We care for the entire person – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We offer three levels of care (ShelteredIntermediate and Memory) so that each resident gets the proper amount of assistance needed to lead a comfortable and rewarding life in their golden years. Before admission, our Director of Nursing meets with each prospective resident to determine the optimal level of care.

Sheltered Care

Our Sheltered Care residence offers retirement living to those who want to maintain a level of independence, but do require some assistance throughout the day. This option is ideal for those who are able to take care of their personal needs, including hygiene, but will benefit from living in an environment with professional healthcare and other services available at any time.

Intermediate Care

When most activities associated with daily living become too much to bear, our Intermediate Care residence provides around-the-clock care in a respectful and loving manner. Each resident is given assistance relative to their individual needs, while allowing them a level of independence.

Memory Care

St. Joseph’s Home is one of the only residences in the community that offers care specifically for people with dementia and other memory illnesses. We understand how difficult these conditions are, not only on those who suffer from them, but on family and friends as well. Our Memory Care staff are trained specifically on how to provide services for and communicate with those with the most need, and how to assist families so that their visits are loving and meaningful.


St. Joseph’s Home is open to men and women regardless of religious affiliation. We are licensed by the State of Illinois for sheltered care (supportive retirement living with supervision) and intermediate (round-the-clock) nursing care.

Please let us know in advance that you are interested in living here. It is a good idea to apply before you anticipate needing long-term care. There is no limit to the number of times you can say “no thanks, not yet” when you are notified that a room has become available.

To request an information packet, please contact St. Joseph’s Home’s main office, 217-529-5596.

For many years we have heard stories of the excellent care given to friends and family members by St. Joseph’s Home.

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