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The Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception established St. Joseph’s Home in 1903.

That tradition of ministry carries on to this day as our Sisters in Residence provide the leadership and inspiration to continue our mission of providing individualized care in a respectful environment that supports each resident’s beliefs while reflecting the spirit of St. Francis Assisi.

Our professional administrative staff share in this mission of serving individuals in their golden years and providing the measure of extra care that they require.

Allow us to introduce a few of our key staff members who are here to serve you as you continue your search for the right home for yourself or a loved one. We look forward to meeting you in person and answering all of your questions about all that St. Joseph’s Home has to offer.

Picture of staff at Saint Joseph's Home

St. Joseph's Home Staff 

Sister Lenore Highland
Administrator (9 years)

“The thing I love about working at SJH is that it is family oriented.  We are concerned not only about the residents, but their families as well.  We also are concerned about staff and their families. My motto has always been: Family First.”

“The best reason any family could have for putting their loved one in any nursing home is that they want the best for them. We need to strive to be that for families. Families need to feel like they are coming to Grandma’s House when they come to SJH.”

Sister Holly
(9 years)

“I enjoy being able to let residents and their families know that they are cared for – by our staff and by God.  To be able to accompany someone to the hospital or on their final journey to God is a privilege beyond all measure.”

“St. Joseph’s Home not only offers quality care, but quality caring. The Sisters and staff truly care about the residents and one another.”

Sister Mary
(10 years)

“I love getting to know our residents and their families.  I also am happy to be living and working with my fellow Sisters as we minister to God’s elderly people.  I am grateful to our staff members for choosing to care for our residents and be part of our St. Joseph’s family.”

“I think that anyone who needs care or any family member of someone who needs care should definitely consider St. Joseph’s Home because we do try to make it home for our residents.  Many times, families who have taken their loved one home for a visit will tell us that their loved one will say ‘I’m ready to go home now’ – meaning St. Joseph’s Home.”

Sister Marion
(20 years)

“My own father was a resident at St. Joseph’s Home and I know first-hand the care he received from the staff and Sisters. I was not in ministry at St. Joseph’s Home at the time, and knew dad was in good hands when I left him. It gave me such peace.  Grounded in the tradition of St. Francis, our home provides spiritual, physical and emotional nourishment to all residents and their families.”

Sister Patricia
(20 years)

 “One should consider St. Joseph’s Home because of the good care, the home-like atmosphere, clean surroundings, good food and the presence of the Sisters.”

Sister Rose Madonna
(7 years)

“I especially enjoy my relationship with the residents - getting acquainted with them, responding to their needs, and walking with them as companions on the journey which we are making toward a new better home.  There is a friendly, helpful, supportive atmosphere which pervades the Home. The genuine love, respect, and quality care are the trademarks of St. Joseph’s Home, and they speak louder than words. The Sisters and our dedicated staff work together to create a home-like atmosphere in which the witness of Christian service and respect for each one’s dignity is noticeable in every activity.”

Sister Paula
(1 year)

“As part of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception, working with residents and their families at St. Joseph’s Home allows me to really live out our charism of making known God’s compassionate care.  While I have been part of other ministries, serving in St. Joseph’s Home is such a special privilege as I have the opportunity to be a compassionate presence to God’s frailest children – the elderly. At St. Joseph’s Home, we strive to understand the needs of each resident, and work to provide care for the complete person."

Sandy Sowers
Nursing (24 years)

“I enjoy working with our residents, hearing their life stories and helping them to make their life a little easier, and more comfortable. The care the residents receive is very good. Everyone from housekeepers, dietary staff to nursing staff greets the residents by name. The grounds outside are beautiful. I have heard many family members say they don’t worry about mom or dad because I know they are being well cared for.”

Betty Kling
Nursing (20 years)

“I enjoy coming to work at St. Joseph’s Home. It is like having another large family. I love making friends with new residents and their families. One advantage of St. Joseph’s Home is the low staff to resident ratio, especially compared to skilled care.”

Ellen Clemens
Nursing (20 years)

“St. Joseph’s Home provides a Christian atmosphere with a loving and caring staff.  All the staff becomes an extension of the resident’s family and friends. I so enjoy having the time to spend with residents to get to know them and provide them the care they deserve.”

Dee Hartley
Bookkeepping (15 years)

“I enjoy helping families who look to us to make their time of transition as peaceful and comfortable as possible. We have a loving team that is always ready to help with the needs of everyday living.”

Mark Ciotti
Dietary  (18 years)

“Our dietary staff prepares homestyle meals, the way our residents remember in their younger age.  Our residents appreciate the loving care we put into planning and preparing their meals. St. Joseph’s Home provides such loving care and is such a peaceful environment for our residents and their families.”

Angie Bauer
Payroll  (1 year)

“I have observed during my time here that all staff members are genuinely concerned and truly care about all residents.”

Melissa Rogers
Housekeeping (3 years)

“All the staff is kind hearted and truly care for each and every resident.”

Marge Hayes
Reception (20 years)

“I greatly enjoy the residents, along with their families and friends. The staff and Sisters are so supportive of each other, and of the residents. St. Joseph’s Home is my home away from home!”

Kim Thorton
Activities (3 years)

 “The residents, families, Sisters and staff are so loving and caring to everyone with whom they come into contact.  The love, the compassion, the care, and the overall warm welcoming from the staff, residents, families, and Sisters is incredible.”

Tulsi Srinivasan
Human Resource (4 years)

“St. Joseph’s Home offers residents exceptional quality care in a home-like atmosphere that surpasses any other long-term care facility in the Greater Springfield area.  The home is privately nestled on beautiful grounds where residents may enjoy large private rooms, resident centered nursing care, engaging resident activities, an on-site chapel, and 24/7 presence of the Sisters at the home.”

  • Joseph W. Bretz

  • Clifford R. Buscher, Sr.

  • Kristi L. Corpin

  • Jim Donelan

  • Richard Fix

  • George Hart

  • Brad Huff

  • Billie Kay Pencek

  • Dr. Gwen Redwood

  • Pat Townsend

  • Sister Mary Elaine

  • Sister Ann Regina

  • Sister Marion

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